Umbrella / Schefflera Variegated Plant

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Schefflera prefers bright, indirect light. In the summer, move potted plants outside where they will receive bright light but not direct sun, such as under a patio cover. A Schefflera plant that gets leggy or floppy might not be receiving enough light. Never place a Schefflera in direct, full sunlight because the intense sun can burn the leaves.3


If growing indoors, plant Schefflera in a rich, loose, well-drained potting soil. When grown outdoors, a well-draining, sandy loam soil with a slightly acidic pH is ideal. Avoid planting in an outdoor location where the soil becomes too wet or waterlogged.


Water regularly during the growing season and spray the leaves with water frequently. Wait until the soil in the pot dries out and then give it a deep and thorough soaking. Cut back on water during the winter months. Overwatering a Schefflera plant will eventually kill it. Yellow and dropped leaves are a sign that you might be watering too much.

Temperature and Humidity

Because it is a tropical plant, Schefflera requires fairly high humidity and tropical temperatures; it will suffer in temperatures lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not expose these plants to drafts or dry heating vents. An underwatered or cold Schefflera will begin to drop leaves quickly, so take leaf-drop seriously and correct the issue if it occurs. If the plant loses all of its leaves, you can attempt to save the plant by moving it outdoors in the spring and watering generously.


Feed Schefflera plants twice a week during the growing season with liquid fertilizer, or use two applications of slow-release pellets. They are heavy feeders and will benefit from the extra nutrients.


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