String of Bananas

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The wonderful and wacky string of bananas is an excellent hanging succulent. A close relative of the String of Pearls, it’s the easier cousin to take care of and keep alive. Its leaves are shaped like bananas or fishhooks and if grown in the ground they can trail beautifully. These fast growers look quirky and eyecatching in their hanging planters and are an instant conversation starter.

Lights, Water, Action
Get your plants ready to slay!

Light : Direct to dappled sunlight

Watering: Water once in two week

Where to grow: Bright outdoor

Maintenace: Low maintenance

Special feature: Poisonous to pets

Common Problems
1. Why is my string of bananas dropping leaves?
The major reasons for this can be low light or watering issues. Keep your plant in bright light and water only when the soil is completely dry.
2. Why is my string of bananas not growing?
A slow rate of growth is a direct indication of low light conditions. If you want to see you plant grow quick give it good light.
3. Is string of bananas toxic to pets?
Although the plant does not feature on the ASPCA list of toxic plants. There are reports that claim that the plant is mildly toxic, so it’s better to be cautious.



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