String of Tears

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Curio herreanus was historically known as Senecio herreianus. This plant is commonly named String of Tears of String of Beads after its creeping stems and interesting spherical, pea-like foliage with tiny, slightly pointed tips. Curio herreanus is a super laid back plant – they like lots of sun and not much water, but don’t leave them completely dry for long periods. It has a more compact form than its close relative String of Pearls, and its leaves vary in size. Sprawling over the edges of containers or hanging baskets, this perennial, succulent species is said to resemble a beaded necklace. It is easy to grow indoors and is popular as a houseplant around the world. In the wild, when the trailing stems touch the ground they tend to root and form dense mats. Originating from arid environments, this species is adapted to store water for periods of drought. Scented blooms may appear during the summer; these are trumpet-shaped, white and may have colourful stamens. This succulent likes more water than most and prefers to be in a position of partial shade rather than full direct sunlight.


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