Lemon Button Fern Plant

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The Nephrolepis, or Lemon Button Fern, is one of the most pleasant small ferns an Indoor Gardener can grow.

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1  Lemon Button Fern, Nephrolepis Cordifolia Duffii – Plant
2  Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

Once it finds its place in your home, and you establish its care cycle, its pretty much care-free. A small fern that grows to about a foot high and not much more across, it boasts tiny arching stems.

Leaves are round with very small serrated edges that alternate up the stem.When handled, theres a lemon scent, which in addition to its yellowish gold color gives the fern its name.The Nephrolepis is the smallest of the Boston ferns and good for the beginning Indoor Gardener. The plant usually starts off in a small pot of no more than 4 inches, and never progresses much out of a 6to 8inch container.

Plant Specifications

*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%
Common Name Duffy Fern, Lemon Button Fern,Erect Sword Fern
Maximum Reachable Height Height: 6-12 inchesWidth: 12-18 inches
Flower Colour green
Bloom Time Non-flowering
Difficulty Level easy to grow

Planting And Care

Give them plenty of organic matter when planting and don, t crowd them.Wear sturdy gloves to protect your hands from prickly thorns. Have a hose or bucket of water and all your planting tools nearby. In its native habitat, it may grow to as much as 7 inch tall. It is an easy and popular fern to grow indoo

Lemon Button Fern Care

Watch the base of the fronds. If they turn brown, youre either under- or over-watering. Care for the Lemon Button Fern is similar to that for any of the Boston Ferns, but as with any plant, pay attention to its particular needs in your location.

Sunlight low, filtered shade; no direct afternoon sun
Watering moderate, keep soil moist, dont let it dry out; dont allow it to get soggy
Soil mix peat moss into potting soil; well draining
Temperature 60 F
Fertilizer spring-early fall, once per 3-4 weeks; liquid fertilizer, half strength

Lemon Button Fern Special Feature

As an indoor fern, it is perhaps best for pedestals or hanging baskets. Locations in or near bathrooms or kitchens may have better humidity. Where winter hardy outdoors, it may be grown in groups or massed in shady areas, or it may be sited at the base of shrubs or around trees.

Lemon Button Fern Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • The plant is used for ornamental purpose


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