Scaphochlamys Scintillans Ooi – Rare

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Scaphochlamys is a genus of plants in the ginger family. It is native to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Borneo and Malaysia).

Scaphochlamys scintillans is unique species herbaceous in the Zingiberaceae family. The back of the leaf is satin (glittering), dark green lamina with two refractive grey bands distinguishes Scaphochlamys scintillans from all other Scaphochlamys species (feathered pattern). The leaves are elliptic to wider elliptic, thick with an fine smooth margin, it has rounded base, and an blunted tip. Herbs that grow on the ground and are perennial and rhizomatous, reaching a height of about 18 cm. Rhizome, approximately 5 mm in diameter, externally dark greenish brown and internally brownish white. The specific epithet refers to the glittering satiny lamina surface. Known only from the type locality where it occurs lowland forest with red-yellow soil over shales, distributed at lower level approx. 95 m asl. It is relatively new species defined under Anomala group known to science only living in Borneo.

Care Guide




50% to 70% light intensity and brilliant indirect light are needed.


Requires 50% up to 80% room humidity, temperate climate between 68°F to 77°F is needed for better grows


Water well on dry/summer every 5 days, please wait until top 3inches soil are dry. Once the watering habit are established for maximum grows, this plant can thrive for very long time. Wait for longer gap between watering in winter as most of the wild specimen has it’s habit on defending its life by dormancy. Make sure your plant medium get fairly dry.


Requires well balanced acidity soil (6.5 to 7 pH) with well drained substrate that rich in organic matters


Balance nutrients is needed, macro and micro nutrients for easy growing experience.


Vegetatively propagated succesfully by stem cuttings.



Difficulty level

This selected specimen is an easy-to-care plant, once it’s acclimated well to its new environment it will thrive with the right nurturing habits.

Pet friendly

This plants sap contains calcium oxalate crystals that could cause skin irritation, and dangerous if diggest. Please be advice to keep it away from you lovely pets.

Environmental threat 

Most plants have their defense mechanisms to survive environmental threats happened. It has significant responses to its original habitat. It is considered rare in natural habitats due to habitat loss from human activities.


Tropical rainforest mainly on wet tropical biome

Elevation Limits (Meter above sea)


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