Rhaphidophora Tenuis Silver – Rare

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Rhaphidophora tenuis originated from Sarawak and Brunei in tropical Asia.
This is hand down my favorite rhaphidophora. The leaf shape along is already a charm. Then the silvery comes in. Such a perfect combination.

Growth Pattern:
Similar to monstera dubia or rhaphidophora hayi, tenuis will start as a singler then as it grows, the mature palm-like leaves will stop singling. You will need a pole to support the plant when it matures.
Growth rate:
In my experience, the plants will start slow and then grow super fast once they settle down. They usually give out new leaves once a month

Rhaphidophora tenuis care:
Humidity: Can adapt to household humidity but will need an acclimation period. Our Tenuis plants are already acclimated to 50-60% humidity.
Temperature: Grows best at 70-80°F yet it can also handle the 55-85 range. Avoid cold drafts, heat stress, or sudden temperature changes.
Light: Provide bright, indirect light for at least 12 hours a day. Around (5000–10,000 lux; 500–1,000 foot-candles.)
Watering: Thoroughly water your Rhaphidophora tenuis when the top 1/3rd of the soil feels dry.
Best soil mix: Airy, well-drained, organic reach soil or potting mix.
Fertilizer: Feed at least once a month with a balanced, liquid houseplant fertilizer only in the growing season.
Rhaphidophora tenuis propagation:
Tenuis propagation is by stem cutting in water, moss, or air layering.
For chonks and nodes: I recommend using high-quality sphagnum moss.


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