Philodendron Radiatum Variegated – Rare

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How to Care for Philodendron Radiatum

Philodendron radiatum represent a large genus of tropical, evergreen, flowering perennials. The Latin name was derived from Greek, with philo– meaning “love, ” and dendron meanig “tree” – probably due to the large distinctly heart-shaped leaves of the key species. A very large number of growth strategies is represented within the genus, so philodendron radiatum can be epiphytic, hemiepiphytic, terrestrial, or a combination of these. Many species are popular houseplants


Philodendron radiatum likes a moist environment. Soil should be kept moist and plant should be watered thoroughly. Philodendron radiatum rarely hibernates, so sufficient water supply should be ensured in all seasons. It is recommended to water it three times a week and often spray water on the plant and its surroundings for humidification. It is recommended to water them in the early morning. In addition, it is preferable to wipe off the residual water on the leaves, so as to effectively prevent the leaves from being burned by sunlight or breeding germs. Tap water should be avoided as far as possible which contains dissolved minerals, and it is best to use rainwater or distilled water instead.


Philodendron radiatum likes fertilizer and it is recommended to add some slow-release fertilizer in the culture medium when repotting every year. In addition, fertilizer should be added regularly, for example, spraying thin liquid fertilizer once every 2 weeks. Watering should be suspended 1 day before fertilization. 2 hours after fertilization, spray leaves with clean water to remove residual fertilizer, so as not to damage the leaves.


Philodendron radiatum likes sufficient filtered light or slight shade. When planted indoors, it is suitable to be put at a place in front of a window with bright sunlight, good ventilation and no strong direct sunlight, which is 51 to 102 cm away from the window. When it is planted in a garden, it is recommended to plant it besides a tree or a rack for climbing. Variegated varieties need better light conditions. In case of insufficient sunlight, the color of its leaves will fade, affecting its growth as well.


Philodendron radiatum does not need fine pruning since it climbs and the natural plant type is pretty good. It is recommended to cut off the withered or diseased leaves, and dead or rot roots when repotting and changing soil so as to avoid nutrient consumption and promote the growth of new flowers and leaves.

Advanced Care Guide


Native to the tropical regions of Central and South America, philodendron radiatum enjoys a warm and humid growth environment and is unhardy. The suitable temperature for growth is 20 to 30 ℃. In winter, the temperature should be above 10 to 15 ℃ and the relative air humidity should be larger than 80%. It likes an environment with high humidity, so dry environments should be avoided and remember to water it in time.


Philodendron radiatum needs a loose, fertile and sandy culture medium and the suitable pH value is 5.5-5.6. The formula ratio of culture medium can be 1/2 peat + 1/4 perlite +1/4 garden soil, and special culture soil for Philodendron spp. can also be directly bought. Adding humus to the culture medium will make the plant grow better.


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