Philodendron Joepii Variegated – Super Rare

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Philodendron Joepii Care

Philodendron joepii thrives well in medium, indirect light but tolerates lower indirect light. The Joepii need to be watered every 1-2 weeks. The frequency of watering must be doubled with increased light. Home temperatures of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 23 degrees Celsius) are the best.

When you look for signals, you can say exactly what your Philodendron joepii wants. That is why even novice owners find it fairly simple to grow and care for the plant.

The rare South American plant is known not only for its air-purifying properties but also for being a lovely natural decoration.

I have got this rare plant at a very high price from a gardening enthusiast. I have spent the last few months caring for this expensive plant, and this guide will give you care tips to nail Joepii plant care.

Species Philodendron joepii
Synonyms Philodendron x joepii
Family Araceae
Genus Philodendron
Growth Herbaceous evergreen
Height 4 feet
Width 5 feet
Soil Rich soil. Keep it damp but well-draining
Watering Every 7-10 days
Light Bright indirect
Temperature 65.0°F – 75.0°F (18.3°C – 23.9°C)
Humidity 60.0% – 80.0%
Fertilizer Every 14 days in sping and summer
Propagation Stem cuttings, air-layering, seeds
Flower Spathe and spadix. Elongated spadix flowers with a pale green coloration
Toxicity Toxic to cats, dogs, and humans
Description Philodendron joepii is a tropical plant characterized by its weirdly shaped, tri-lobed green glossy leaves.


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