Philodendron El Choco Red- Rare Plant

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Size: Single plant (3-5Leaves)| Free Shipping | Pot Included

This aroid is definitely a stunner! The Philodendron el choco red is known for its big velvety leaves and bright red underside. It’s an epiphyte, which means that it can grow from another plant without being parasitic.

Care Tips:

  • Provide bright indirect sunlight
  • Use well draining soil to prevent root rot
  • Water thoroughly when the top half of soil dries out. Keep the soil slightly moist but never soggy.


The philodendron likes a light to shady location with indirect light. Direct light is a horror to it and can lead to fading and sunburn of the leaves. The brighter the location, the denser and larger the leaves will grow.


Because the tree friend is native to tropical rainforests, it feels most comfortable at a temperature of 21°C and then grows fastest. However, it can also withstand temperatures as low as 12°C.


From spring to summer, the philodendron wants to be watered about 1-2 times a week. Up to a medium size, these plants do not need much water, but they like the top 2-3 cm of the soil to be moist. .
In winter you should water less, but you can spray the plant with water from time to time. Heizungsluft mag er nicht.


Most philodendrons like to climb and get the biggest leaves if you let them climb on a trellis, for example. The tree friend is grateful for high humidity above 50%, but can also withstand lower humidity levels.
If you spray this plant with water from time to time or place it in e.g. a greenhouse display case, it will have fewer problems unfolding new leaves.


Very toxic for animals and humans!


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