Live Sphagnum Moss | Peatmoss – 1 KG

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Content : 1 Kg (1000 gm) Live Moss (Green & Brown)| Free Shipping

  • MULTIPLE USES – Sphagnum moss is perfect for a variety of purposes. Use it to air layer plants for propogation like orchids and other, make moss sticks for climbers like money plant or mulching on topsoil.

What was sphagnum moss used for?

Decayed, dried sphagnum moss has the name of peat or peat moss. This is used as a soil conditioner which increases the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients by increasing capillary forces and cation exchange capacity – uses that are particularly useful in gardening.

About this item

  • 🌳Packaging Weight 1 KG Moss Grass for Pots And Garden With Nice Appearance for Home And Garden
  • 🌳There are so many benefits of growing Moss instead of other plants and grass in your lawn such as requires very little water, is versatile, easy to grow and pleasing to the eye, preserves, cleans and Aads the environment,have a nice Green Appearance and Is perfect For shade Garden Planting, when it lacks moisture,
  • 🌳 Live Moss For Fairy Tale Garden, Mini Garden, Terrarium
  • 🌳Best quality Natural Good quality
  • 🌳 help to soak up rainfall, maintain moisture in the soil below and keep conditions around them humid


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