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Drimiopsis Kirkii Giant Squill


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Drimiopsis Kirkii Giant Squill plant is an exotic and beautiful houseplant. Decorate your house, either interior or exterior with this indigenous species. Drimiopsis Kirkii Giant Squill is succulent. It has leaves with spots all around. The leaves are thick and dense. The color of the spots varies from dark green to light brown. It is an attractive plant from South Africa. The leaves are light green with a silver touch. It looks great wherever you keep it. Besides these, one can see the white color flowers with narrow spikes.


It requires low maintenance and care. The plant can is drought tolerant. It is an advise to keep it dry during the winter. Also, place it indoors during the Spring season and during Autumn, you can place it outdoor. Try to water it frequently during Summer. If you like rock gardening, then it is the best choice for you.


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