Anthurium Scherzerianum white -Rare

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Anthurium scherzerianum white

  • Aka: flamingo lily, laceleaf
  • Origin: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador – toxic
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: 15 – 25 °C, Hardiness: 9-12 Humidity: 60-80%

Firm dark green shiny leaves with long lasting bright red, pink or green waxy flower with a protruding spadix (spike). Can grow in fairly lower light but will produce no or less flowers than with 3-5 hours bright filtered light. Prefers warm and humid environment with loose, moist, well-draining soil rich with compost, half potting soil with half orchid soil or perlite will be ideal.

Fertilise with weak liquid fertiliser of half amounts of slow-release (grains or sticks) and fertiliser only every 3rd month. Anthuriums like to be quite root-bound, but if the plant is having difficulties or drying out too quickly then repot only up to 20% larger pot in early spring. If the soil and root ball has dried too much, allow to stand and soak for about an hour as it is a reasonably forgiving plant.

Prone to cold, root rot and spider-mites.


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