Anthurium Delta Force x Anthurium clarinervium – Rare


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Size: Single plant | Pot Included | Free Shipping

Care Guide:
* Humidity: Around 60-85%. Can adapt to household humidity but will need an acclimation period. Our plants are already acclimated to 50-60% humidity.
* Temperature: Grows best at 70-80°F yet it can also handle the 55-85 range. Avoid cold drafts, heat stress, or sudden temperature changes.
* Light: Moderately-bright light (around 400 to 100 foot-candle.) A little touch of direct morning or evening light can benefit the plant.
* Watering:  Thoroughly water your plant when the top 1/3rd of the soil feels dry.
* Best soil mix: Airy, well-drained, organic reach soil or potting mix. Buy our aroid mix here:
* Fertilizer: a nitrogen-rich and micro-nutrient-focused fertilizer only in the growing season.
* Support: Anthurium won’t need a pole, or at least for a very long time. But you can wrap some damp moss around the crown (base) of the the plants to trick the plant to grow bigger leaves
* Propagating: Propagating anthuriums is not an easy task. I usually propagate chonks and unrooted cuttings in perlite or pumice. It will takes up to 60 days for a new root to form.
* Repotting: Since Clarinervium x Pedatoradiatum’s roots are quite big, you will need to repot the plant once a year or when rootbound.


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