Anthurium Carla Crystallinum | Anthurium carlablackiae carla – Rare

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One of the key conditions to help your Anthurium crystallinum thrive is getting it right with light. These plants are lovers of bright but indirect light. This shouldn’t come as a surprise when, in their native environment, they are sitting under a dappled rainforest canopy.

Too much direct sunlight will damage your plant’s showstopping but sensitive veined foliage, and too little means you won’t get to appreciate the size and patternation that you would expect for the Anthurium crystallinum.

An east-facing window is typically a top spot. If you only have a south-facing position, add a sheer curtain to filter some of the light. You could invest in grow lights in north-facing rooms to help your plant thrive.


Don’t stick your Anthurium crystallinum in any old, random potting soil you find kicking around your garage. This plant needs an airy and well-draining mix to flourish.

Try mixing up a blend of two parts potting soil with one part perlite and one part peat moss (or more sustainable coconut coir). This helps promote consistent moisture and exposes the roots to enough oxygen while minimizing the chance of waterlogging. If you don’t want to make your own mix, opt for high-quality orchid soil and add a little gravel and perlite.


While your Anthurium crystallinum appreciates consistent moisture, that doesn’t mean dousing it with loads of water. Root rot is a common cause of demise due to overwatering and soggy soil. Wait until the top couple of inches of potting mix dries out before rewatering. Stick your finger into the soil to check rather than estimating dryness by sight or on a strict schedule.

And watch out for getting water on those large leaves. Wet foliage encourages pests and fungal diseases.

Temperature and Humidity

It shouldn’t be surprising that this plant does best in warm, humid environments, given it’s a tropical native. If your house blasts out heat or cool air via HVAC systems year-round, it might not be the plant for you.

Humidity levels need to be above 50%, but the most healthy and impressive foliage is likely when levels are above 70%. Grouping similar plants together and adding a tray filled with pebbles and water under the plant can also help. Sometimes, you might need to invest in a humidifier to reach the desired levels.

While the Anthurium crystallinum does best in temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it can still survive in rooms that are as mild as 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


While the Anthurium crystallinum isn’t a heavy feeder, nourishing during the spring and summer growing months helps promote lush, large, healthy foliage. Feeding with an organic supplement, such as a natural fish emulsion, or a half-diluted balanced houseplant fertilizer monthly should work well.

Always read commercial fertilizer instructions, and avoid fertilizing too frequently, as this can lead to root scorch


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