Philodendron White Knight- Rare

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White Knight Philodendron Growing Instructions

Light Needs
White Knight Philodendron likes a medium to bright spot. That means the plant should cast a relatively strong shadow much of the day where it’s situated. Being within 3 feet of an unobstructed east- or west-facing window is ideal in many homes. But it doesn’t require sunlight to thrive. You can grow White Knight Philodendron under plant lights, or next to a window and augment it with plant lights.
Note: The white variegation suffers unsightly sunburn easily, so try to keep the plant out of direct afternoon sun outdoors.

Water Needs
Water your White Knight Philodendron as the top inch or two of the potting mix starts to dry to the touch. If it stays too wet for too long, the roots will suffocate and die, causing root rot. If you’re not sure whether your White Knight Philodendron needs watering or not, it’s typically best to wait. The plant holds up better to being too dry rather than too wet.

Humidity Needs
White Knight Philodendron prefers average to above-average relative humidity levels indoors. In especially dry air, the leaves can sometimes have trouble unfurling and may come out deformed. If you’re afraid the air in your home is too dry for this houseplant, try augmenting humidity levels. One way to do this is to grow it clustered near other houseplants (plants release humidity into the air as they grow, so you can create a little humid zone). Or place it near a small humidifier. You can alternatively grow it in a display case or under a cloche.

Fertilizer Needs
You can fertilize your White Knight Philodendron regularly if you want it to grow faster, or feed it as little as once or twice a year. In most conditions, spring and summer are the best times to fertilize as the days are longer so there’s more light to fuel more growth. You can use any general-purpose houseplant fertilizer, just be sure not to exceed the recommended application rates on the product packaging. Too much fertilizer can burn the roots and may possibly kill the plant.

Pruning Needs
Because White Knight Philodendron is a climbing houseplant, you can prune or pinch it back periodically to keep it short, full, and bushy. Or you can let it climb without pruning – it’s up to you.


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