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Size: Single Plant(4 leaves)
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Philodendron patriciae is a climbing species that produces extremely long, pleated leaves. It is one of the most searched species within the Philodendrons and was meantioned for the first time in 2010! It is a native species from Choco in Colombia and stands out by its beautiful leaves with an extremely intense color.

The corrugated leaf in lush tones, makes it a fantastic plant that does well in different environments. In addition, the plant has only a small need for water. For optimum growth, the humidity must be higher than 75%, with the dear to a temperature between 18 ° C and 32 ° C.

Philodendron patriciae needs a well-drained soil, where excess water does not accumulate and the roots get the space to leave air. A too compact soil can damage a plant when too much water is held. Therefore, a light and soil with an airy character and a slightly acidic pH value of 5-6 is preferred. You can compile your own mixture and refine by adding organic materials such as compost, peat or moss.

This beautiful Philodendron patriciae wants only moderate water and slightly more than in the summer. This Philodendron does not have to get extremely indirect light and can survive at a pitch with shade. The plant will then adjust to the variations in sunlight. It is very important that the plant is stopped at direct and intense sunlight. Too much heat or light is risky, it leads through perspiration and evaporation to faster water loss. This can then lead to heat stress and because of this, king your plant becomes vulnerable to pests, for example.


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