Philodendron Eximium – Rare

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Selling Size: Single plant (3-4 leaves) | Pot Included | Free Shipping

This is a sought-after Philodendron and an unusual climbing indoor plant with stunning ridged heart-shaped leaves.

Philodendron eximium is also a beautiful plant with large leaves established in a shady spot in your tropical garden. 


It is the actual plant you will receive. 30cm wooden ruler in one pic for size scale. Please check the pics for more details, may be some nibbles.

Listing is for the plant only, decorative pot/trellis not included.

Shade lover.

Prefers bright indirect light. Gentle morning sun before 9am. Strong direct sunlight will cause sunburnt leaves.

Check water.

Requires regular watering, but allow top 2cm to dry out before watering when grown indoors.

Medium to High humidity for optimum growth.

Soil Mix.

Prefers a chunky free draining Aroid mix with good moisture retention.


Growing in the garden – Philodendron like regular organic chicken pellet fertiliser Spring and Summer. Slow release fertiliser in the Spring.

Indoors – Regular foliar feeding with seaweed solution is very beneficial. Slow-release fertiliser and chicken pellet fertiliser in the aroid mix will also help your Philodendron to grow well indoors.

Always follow the directions on your chosen fertiliser pack.

Pot preference.

Pot this plant into a small pot appropriate to its root ball size.


Philodendron eximium will happily climb on a sturdy totem in ideal conditions and in a tropical garden can grow to have large leaves once established.

Origin. Native to tropical forests of eastern Brazil.

Notes. Multi-node, terrestrial Philodendrons can be propagated from nodes, the more nodes, the more opportunities for new plants.

Philodendron eximium has quite soft delicate leaves when young and can sometimes sustain some leaf damage during shipping. We take extra care in packing these to minimise the risk but it can happen.

Remove any yellowed, spent leaves.


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