Dioscorea Discolor – Very Rare


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Size: The same plant is shown in the below video.

These beautiful plants are native to Ecuador and Brazil. They produce their spectacular leaves from purple, twining stems. They shoot from tubers which remain underground rather than producing an above-ground caudex like some other members of the Dioscoreaceae family, most notably D. elephantipes. Their flowers a fairly unimpressive but who cares because their leaves are simlpy amazing, resembling heart-shaped stained glass windows.


In cool to temperate climates these beautiful plants will die back completely over winter. Through the warmer months water as you would most indoor plants – when the 2-3cm of soil in the pot dries out. In the cooler months (when the above ground portion of the plant has died back) water very little, only when tohe soil has completely dried out, to avoid the tuber rotting. When you start to see shoots in November/December resume normal watering.


Loves bright direct light and will even handle full sun so a North-westerly aspect is great. Fantastic plants for a partially shaded deck or balcony, just make sure they don’t get rained on over winter.

Managing growth

These guys are currently about 30cm tall but will quickly produce stems that are over a meter long. Unless they are kept in tropical conditions they will die back completely over winter but will come back bigger and better each year!


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