Cissus Discolor / Begonia vine – Rare Plant

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Cissus Discolor

Native to the tropical rainforest of the island Java. It has large beautiful and colourful leaves with shades and tones of green, silver and purple all blended together. The underside and vines have a nice burgundy to deep purple colour truly making this plant stunning. The Cissus Discolor also called Rex Begonia because of its pattern, wide and long leaves, is actually not part of the Begonia family but closely related to the Vitaceae family (Grape Vine).

General Care Guide

Lighting and Temperature: The Cissus Discolor needs bright indirect or filtered light and warm temperatures to thrive. I have mine on top of my bookshelf about 8 feet away from my floor to ceiling south facing window. They will do well in an East or West facing window between temperatures of 21 – 27 Celsius or 70 – 80 Farenheight.

Watering: I found that the Cissus Discolor do not like to sit in dry soil as they will quickly wither away. Make sure that you do not let the soil dry out completely between watering. I normally will stick my finger an inch deep into the soil to feel If it’s dry and if the pot is starting to feel light, then I will water it thoroughly making sure that water drains through.

Soil Mixture: They do require a rich and nutrient soil but also well-draining. Because I don’t like to let the soil completely dry out, I will make my soil mix with about 50% regular potting mix, 10% peat moss for extra nutrients and 40% perlite or pumice for extra drainage.


Do you need a trellis or pole for this?

You can put a trellis if you’d like as they tend to wrap their vines to neighbouring plants and/or trees, however they also look beautiful in a hanging basket or on top of your bookshelf.

What’s the best way to propagate? 

I’ve only tried the cutting and water propagation method and found it can quickly grows roots. The key is to make sure the cuttings are not too long. If your cuttings is long, it will struggle to transfer the water and energy throughout the length of the vine resulting in your cuttings dying.

Do they need humidity? 

Although they are native to the rainforest, they do not require high humidity, regular room humidity levels will be fine.

How To Propagate Cissus Discolor

1. Cut the vines with at least two leaves.

2. Remove the first leaf to create a node, while keeping the second one intact.

3. Stick the cutting in water, make sure the node is always submerge in water.

4. Place in area that is warm and gets a lot of bright indirect light.

5. Once roots are about 2 inches long, plant it in your soil mixture.

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