Calathea Roseopicta ‘Dottie’


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Name Calathea
Common name Calathea Dottie
Sunlight needs medium to bright indirect light. Avoid placing your calathea plant under direct sunlight because it will burn the leaves.
Water Requirement Keep your Calathea moist by maintaining a regular watering schedule, but do not let the soil get soak in water for too long or every time you water it.
Humidity Calathea Dottie is originally a tropical plant, prefers an environment with higher humidity. It’s best to place it in areas of your home like your bathroom or kitchen
Toxicity Non-toxic to animals and humans.
Peats and problem Calathea plants are prone to spider mites. Use room-temperature water and pay special attention to the bottom of the leaves. It’s best to spray the plant with a hose to remove the mites. If the leaves are curling, then you’re either overwatering or underwatering. If the leaves are turning brown on the edges, then this could be due to your tap water that contains salts, chlorine, minerals, and fluoride, which are harmful to your plant


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