Ficus Audrey | Banyan Tree, Bargad, Ficus Benghalensis Plant

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Size: Single Plant | Pot Included

Banyan Plant – बरगद/वट का पौधा

Buy Banyan Plant Online – There are many reasons to purchase a Banyan Plant. For one, they are very beautiful. With its dark green leaves and deep red trunk, it will brighten up any room. Another reason to buy a Banyan Plant is that they are very hardy. With their thick, tough bark, they can withstand extreme weather conditions. The last reason to buy a Banyan Plant is that they are very healthy. With their high levels of oxygen, they will make your home a cleaner and healthier place. The Banyan Plant is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Banyan Tree – Buy Banyan Plants Online in Delhi
The banyan tree is a type of fig tree that is native to India and other tropical regions. It is known for its aerial roots, which grow down from the branches and take root in the ground, forming a network of support for the tree. The banyan tree can grow to be very large, with a wide, spreading canopy and a massive trunk. It is often used as a shade tree and is considered sacred in many cultures. The banyan tree is also known for its medicinal properties and is used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments.

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Botanical Name: Ficus benghalensis

Hindi: Bargad ka ped (बरगद का पेड़), Kannada: Aala mara (ಆಲ ಮರ), Tamil: Alai maram (அலை மரம்), Telugu: Marri chettu (మర్రి చెట్టు), Marathi: Vad or Vada (वड), Malayalam: Aal maram (ആൽ മരം)


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