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Eucalyptus pulverulenta ‘Baby Blue’ is also called Silver Gum Tree, Little Boy Blue or Koala Tree. It is the dwarf form ofEucalyptus pulverulenta. It is indeed small in size and has a pyramidal habit. Its dense foliage is very blue and its small round leaves are covered with a silver-white bloom.Eucalyptus pulverulenta ‘Baby Blue’ is one of the most fragrant Eucalyptus and also one of the most popular.

In the uses that we can make of it, there are the fresh bouquets that we can hang in the shower to have a spa effect. It can also be used as a bouquet of dried flowers and kept for a long time.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta ‘Baby Blue’ likes warmth and can be grown outside, but it is not perennial in Quebec, so it must be brought indoors in winter.

Family : Myrtaceae
Origin : Australia
Watering : light, let the substrate dry slightly between waterings, but never completely
Brightness : intense, direct sun
Relative humidity : high
Substrate : draining and aerated
Flowering: creamy white pompons
Fertilization: once a month during the growing season
Toxicity: toxic for humans and animals, except for the koala which has developed a resistance


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