Aralia/Polyscias Balfouriana Variegated

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Polyscias or Aralia, is a perennial evergreen shrub or dwarf tree native to India. The plant grows fairly slowly but can reach up to 1 to 2 meters in height. The species and varieties of Polyscias are useful foliage plants suitable for growing in semi shade in ground and in pot. They form well shaped plants in pots and are popular house plant. The colour of the leaves is attractive in bright light but not directly under full sun, particularly in the summer months. They also grow well in shade where most of the flowering shrubs will fail to thrive but the soil should be porous as too much moisture or water stagnation will cause leaf fall and the plants may die

Aralia Balfouriana Requirements

  • LightLightBright indirect sunlight
  • WateringWateringWater once a week
  • Where to growWhere to growBright indoors
  • MaintenaceMaintenaceLow maintenance
  • potSpecial featureToxic for Pets, Purifies Air


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