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Basic Plant Care for Anthurium Villenaorum


This plant is not very fussy in terms of soil; it can be planted in soilless materials like moss or bark. I have planted my Anthurium Villenaorum in a peat mix. This ensures it receives the necessary nutrient for better growth.

You can mix potting soil, orchid soil, and perlite in equal ratios to prepare an ideal mix for your Anthurium Villenaorum. Any soil is acceptable as long as it drains fast and is well-aerated.

If you want to decorate your outdoor garden or patio with the velvety leaves, remember the USDA hardiness zone for this plant is from 10 to 11.


Because of medium water requirements, it does not demand extra attention in terms of watering. Do not drown your plant in the water right after you bring it home from the nursery.

For summer and spring, you should water your plant as soon as the top 1 inch of soil becomes dry. Add water until it starts draining from the holes.

Watering also depends on temperature and light exposure. Higher the temperature and light, the more water your plant needs. This Anthurium variety gives clear signs of water stress or thirst, so watch out for the following signs:

  • Curled, yellow leaves
  • Droopy leaves and wilted plant
  • Grey colored leaves instead of the regular green color

If you notice any of the above signs, you should alter the watering schedule.


This beautiful Anthurium will love locations with partial shade. It can grow in a semi-shaded spot, so you can easily find an ideal location for this plant in your house.

In plain words, you can place this plant anywhere in your house where it gets bright but filtered sunlight.

Like Orchids, this epiphyte plant grows under the shade of other plants in its habitat. So it is not accustomed to direct or high sunlight exposure.

Light and humidity are the most important plant care features for this plant; therefore, make sure you get them right.


Most records indicate that this Anthurium is found growing in low elevations of the San Martin region as an epiphytic.

This means it needs warm temperatures for optimum growth. You should grow this tropical plant in temperatures of 61 – 76 degrees Fahrenheit (16.5 – 24.5 degrees Celsius).


Being endemic to Peru, this variety needs a high humidity environment. It is ideal to maintain the indoor air moisture level between 65 to 70%. You can aim for higher humidity, but it becomes difficult for the residents to tolerate and maintain.

If you plan to grow it in a greenhouse or terrarium, make sure the plant has excellent air circulation around it. This plant will serve well as a bathroom décor because the humidity is higher compared to other places in the house.

You can place your Anthurium in any location, but I would suggest running the humidifier occasionally.


Anthurium Villenaorum is not a heavy feeder, but it will benefit from a mild dose of fertilizer. You can use an all-purpose houseplant fertilizer that is diluted at one-quarter strength. Choose a fertilizer that is designed for Anthuriums.

Apply the fertilizer once a month in the growing season (spring and summer) but every 3 to 4 months otherwise. Feeding with a phosphorus-rich fertilizer before the blooming will help your plant in producing more flowers.


This Anthurium variety requires repotting every 2 to 3 years. Failing to do so will result in a lack of growth and weak health. Some common conditions that indicate your plant requires repotting are:

  • Roots circling on the surface of the soil
  • Roots poking out from the drainage holes of the container

Repotting should be performed in early spring using a fresh potting mixture and a 2 inch larger pot.


Anthurium Villenaorum will stay compact throughout its life cycle. There is a very low possibility of it taking over your gardening or indoor space. However, frequent pruning will help your keep this plant in compact size and appearance.

Wear protective gloves and use clean equipment to get rid of the dead and diseased foliage. Do not opt for heavy pruning to protect your Anthurium Villenaorum from pruning shock.


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