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Anthurium superbum is a relatively rare houseplant 🌿 that needs regular watering to thrive. They do best in abundant sunlight ☀ and should be less than 3 feet from a window.Anthurium superbum likes soil that is well draining. Your plant shouldn’t need added fertilizers if you repot each time it doubles in size.


Before selecting the soil mixture for this plant, you should keep in mind that Anthurium superbum does not grow directly from the ground in the natural environment; instead, it grows off moss and litter from tree branches.

Thus, effective Anthurium superbum care requires that you stick to a similar soil structure.

From its natural habitat, Anthurium superbum likes a loose and breathable environment.

A good way to go about the soil for Anthuriums is to use a mixture of regular houseplant potting soil and orchid soil. You can go with half potting soil and half orchid soil.

With Anthuriums, you want to go with soil that is light and loose and that drains well.

Instead of the mixture of regular potting soil and orchid soil, you could also go with a mix of peat moss & perlite (+ add some regular potting soil as well, like 1/3 + 1/3 +1/3).


Anthurium superbum cannot tolerate direct sunlight, as this would result in burnt leaves, which is not good.

You should ensure that the plant is protected from direct sunlight at all times, preferably using window shades.


Before I direct you on the most suitable watering techniques for Anthurium superbum care, you should know that this plant has two growth phases, namely the active and the passive stages and that the regularity of watering varies in these two phases.

The active season is mainly from March to September. During this phase, I advise you to check on your plant at least twice weekly, ensuring that the soil is moist.

Check the soil’s water content by dipping your finger in the soil, when less moist, water the plant immediately.

For the passive season, I prefer checking the plant once after a few weeks, just to ensure that the water content is enough since it still requires water to survive. The above watering Anthurium superbum care tips are critical in keeping your plant healthy.


Anthuriums have a strict temperature preference that must be followed; otherwise, they will die out. While I know it might hard to regulate your interior’s temperature; I strongly recommend maintaining it between 65 to 70. Fahrenheit

Ensure the temperature does not go below 55, as this is against Anthurium superbum care guidelines and can kill the plant.

As I mentioned earlier, you should ensure your plant is located in an area, whether inside or outside your house, that is conducive for proper growth.

I wouldn’t place my plant anywhere close to fans, air conditioners, or heaters, as this is detrimental to them.

With mentioned factors in mind, it is your role to ensure that your plant thrives wherever you place it.


I know you will find the recommendations below quite peculiar, and they may not be what you like, but remember, you are a plant lover, and you want you anthurium to thrive.

From its origin in Ecuador, Anthurium superbum loves environments with high humidity, and your home is not excluded. In dry air, such plants tend to die away, with their leaves turning brown.

I would advise you to place your plant in the bathroom, but I know you want it somewhere you can admire its beautiful and unique foliage, therefore, place it anywhere so long as it humid enough.

Regularly misting your plant is of great help, you can even put a pebble tray under the plant’s container.

If all these options fail to work, then I would recommend a humidifier, which will provide the required humid conditions for the plant. 

Also, yet another good way to increase the humidity for your Anthurium is to place it on a tray with damp pebbles or group it together with other Anthuriums that you may have in the house.


Let me start by saying that this is probably the most beneficial and, at the same time, dangerous options for feeding anthurium. Why so?  The line separating fertilizer as a source of nutrients and poison is very thin, and it all depends on the quantity.

While it may seem like using more fertilizer than the recommended amount is beneficial to your plant, it becomes a fatal poison for Anthurium superbum and burns its roots.

Hence, you should stick to the prescription when fertilizing your plant.

You may decide to use all-purpose fertilizer or the formula used for orchids. However, keep in mind that the method used for each is varied, especially when it comes to the dosage.

For all-purpose fertilizer, during growing season, one dose after six to eight weeks should suffice, while for orchid fertilizer, every three to six weeks is enough. 

You don’t need to fertilize your plant outside of the growing season.

Phosphorus is an anthurium delicacy; hence I prefer fertilizers that have a higher ratio of the same.


Propagating the plant is not as complicated as it sounds, it only requires that you follow specific Anthurium superbum care guidelines, and everything will flow smoothly.

First, I would direct you to propagate your plant during repotting as the roots are exposed, making the process easy.

Of all the different methods used for propagation, I prefer plant division, as it is more suited to proper Anthurium superbum care.

As I mentioned earlier, direct sunlight is detrimental to anthurium, hence having replanted your plant, find a place away from direct sunlight.

Also, avoid fertilizing your plant immediately after replanting as this might lead to retarded growth.

Preferably, wait for at least six months before fertilizing your plant.


I do not want to dictate where you will place your plant, but conventionally, patios, and indoor containers are best suited for effective Anthurium superbum care. Regardless of where it is placed, there should be enough room for proper growth.

I would advise you to leave a growth room of between ten to twenty inches in diameter. The container should also be loose enough to allow proper growth. Ideally, a ten-inch deep container should be enough.

Ensure that the roots are loose for the plant to be tall enough since when bound, they are likely to cause stunted growth.

Therefore, you may be forced to change the pot at some point to allow the plant to grow adequately.


While potting your plant, you are at liberty to choose an option that fulfills your decorative preferences. However, do not go overboard with the whole thing and end up going against Anthurium superbum care guidelines.

When selecting a pot, be very keen about the size, get a medium-sized one. A large container will let your roots grow haphazardly retarding the growth of your plant.

Drainage is another crucial factor inherent in Anthurium superbum care. I strongly advise having one or more holes to drain off excess water and prevent the plant from drowning.


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