Anthurium Magnificum – Rare

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Anthurium Magnificum
The Velvety Anthurium

Anthurium magnificum is a popular member of its genus, grown for its admirable foliage. The Columbian native plant is an evergreen, epiphytic perennial, introduced in 1865. Juvenile leaves with burgundy shades mature into 90cm dark-green coriaceous(leathery) leaves with prominent white veining.

The big and bold leaves clearly mention its natural links with jungle. However, with proper care, it can dwell equally well in indoor environments. The green-leafed Magnificum is magnificent enough to decorate any corner of your home or garden.

Like other Anthuriums it also doesn’t like direct sunlight and the leaves can be burned. Keep in bright indirect light and well draining media. It doesn’t need much care but while doing so always think about the Amazon rain forest. This plant requires a lot of humidity to grow well. That’s why it is better to place this plant with other indoor plants.

Anthurium Crystallinum and Anthurium Magnificum are not the same plant. We often see Crystallinum are being sold under the name of Magnificum and vice versa. And there are hybrids available as well. Although they look very similar they are only distantly related. Both are endemic to Colombia; however Crystallinum is also found in Peru and Panama. Crystallinum is mostly epiphytic while Magnificum tends to be found on the ground. Magnificum leaves grow much bigger than Crystallinum but the silvery veins are much bolder and prominent on Crystallinum leaves.



2 reviews for Anthurium Magnificum – Rare

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