Alocasia Jacklyn – Rare Plant

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Alocasia Jacklyn is a stunning Aroid with deeply lobed, arrowhead-shaped foliage. The vibrant green leaves have prominent, contrasting blackish green veins. This Alocasia is a rare and highly sought-after collector’s plant that is prized for its unique, badass looks!

Alocasia Jacklyn is a mutation of Alocasia Portei and native to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, where it grows in the mountain forests. The trade name Jacklyn’ derives from the woman who allegedly first discovered the plant. Among collectors, it is also referred to as Alocasia Sulawesi Sp. since ‘Jacklyn’ is not an official name.

In ideal conditions, Alocasia Jacklyn can grow up to 1.5 metres tall. However, as a houseplant it will likely reach only around 80 centimetres in height, making it ideal for small homes in need of a statement plant. With its tropical appeal, this Alocasia easily adds lots of jungle vibes to any room!

Alocasia Jacklyn appreciates higher humidity in order to grow. Just like other Alocasia, this houseplant can go into winter dormancy in our European climate. That’s why you should water it significantly less during the winter months. During the growing period, fertilize it regularly and grow it in temperatures of 18–24 degrees Celsius. Keep your Alocasia in a well-lit position, free from direct sunlight.

Treat your Alocasia Jacklyn to a well-draining, aerate soil, such as our Alocasia Mix and it will likely grow fast! While Alocasia are very thirsty, take care not to overwater them since this might cause their rhizomes to rot. Fertilize this houseplant periodically throughout the growing season.

  1. Alocasia Care Tips


Put your Alocasia in a spot with bright indirect light.


While Alocasia are rather thirsty, too much water can cause root rot and ultimately lead to the death of your plant. This is why you should never let your Alocasia sit in water (e.g. standing water in the saucer). When the top 3cm of soil are thoroughly dry to the touch, it is safe to water again.

Please note: Jewel Alocasia as are far less tolerant of constantly wet soil than the other, thinner-leafed Alocasia varieties. Be particularly careful not to overwater them!


Alocasia tolerate moderate humidity of around 50%, but they will thrive better and grow faster in higher humidity from 70%+.


Use our soil-less and well-draining Alocasia potting mix if you want to make your Alocasia truly happy! Alocasias love it airy around the roots, so a loose and ideally soil-less mixture will work wonders.


All Alocasia are toxic to humans and animals when ingested.


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