Aglaonema Suksom Jaipong Red

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Plant Size: Single plant mentioned in the last picture| Pot Included

It is a beginner-friendly plant and the perfect pick for gifting to plant lovers. It is known for its beautiful leaves and lights up the aura of the space. These red beauties are perfect for any home and office space. Its glossy leaves catch the attention of everyone around it.


  • Water                : Moderate / Evenly Moist Soil
  • Light                  : Low / Indoor Condition
  • Growth Rate        : Medium
  • Air Purifying        : Yes
  • Pet Friendly         : No
Botanical Name Aglaonema commutatum
Common Name Chinese evergreen, Philippine evergreen
Sun Exposure Bright indirect sunlight is optimal and will help the Red Aglaonema produce the beautiful red and pink colours on its leaves. Be careful not to put your Red Aglaonema in full sun because, in many cases, the leaves will burn.
Soil Type Peaty, well-drained
Watering Guidelines Water your plant thoroughly, then allow it to dry out before watering again.

Aglaonema Suksom Jaipong Plant

Aglaonema suksom jaipong plants are gorgeous, with brighter colors and bold patterns. The aglaonema suksom red plant is ideal for indoor plants. This plant is beginner-friendly and won’t give you much trouble. They are adored by all for their vibrant coloring and patterns, ranging from jungle green, red, and yellow to stripes, speckles, and gradients.

If you are looking to add a splash of color to your home, suksom jaipong aglaonema is for you. Apart from the spectacular look of these plants, aglaonema suksom red lights up the space are easygoing, compact, and excellent at expressing its needs, making it an ideal choice for newbie plant parents. Suksom jaipong aglaonema plant is slow-growing, and you won’t have to repot every three years.

Care Guide of Aglaonema Suksom Jaipong Plant

  • Aglaonema suksom red plant requires bright indirect sunlight to sustain and develop its beautiful foliages.
  • Fertilize them once a month.
  • You should water your plant when the top layer of soil is dry by 1 inch. Make sure not to overwater your plant.
  • You can skip feeding your plant in winter.
  • You can prune your Aglaonema Suksom Jaipong Plant once it begins to fall in the dormancy stage to enhance its growth and foliage.

Growing Tips

  • It adores warm temperatures and makes sure it does not fall below 10 degrees.
  • Do not overwater your aglaonema suksom jaipong plant as it is fussy about it.
  • It does well in well-draining soil.
  • Make sure not to overcrowd your Aglaonema Suksom plant with other plants.
  • Your pot should have a drainage hole.

Additional information

Common Name Chinese Evergreen, Philippine Evergreen
Growth Rate Low-Medium
Plant Placement Indoors
Light Requirement Full shade
Water Requirement Moderate / Evenly Moist Soi
Pet-friendly No
Product Type Indoor Plant


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