Adenium sp. variegatum, Variegated Desert Rose Plant


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Adenium Obesum – the desert rose plant is an indoor succulent with a wide variety of 2 – 3 inch flowers. Easy-to-grow and an excellent choice for the intrepid gardener, this Arabian native is wonderful in warm climates or interior container gardens.

Although the desert rose plant is a carefree succulent, it won’t bloom unless you mimic its native region’s conditions. A desert rose blooms well in hot weather, it needs a break in the growing season. Thus, the desert rose has two different blooming periods. In early spring, the flowers bloom steadily when getting sufficient sunlight. The second phase begins in the early fall months when the temperature drops from 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It is at the time when you need to move the plant indoors for pruning.


As we said, the desert rose plant comes in five varieties, all of which are Arabian natives and grow into semi-arid climates. Despite its arid origin, the desert rose has an excellent adaptive quality to tropical settings. That means these desert dwellers can still grow steadily and beautifully if they receive an adequate amount of warmth and draining soil.


The key to keeping your desert rose happy is to give it lots of drainage, using typical succulent potting soil with pumice or crushed granite provides plenty of space for water to drain. You can also put layers of gravel above and below the soil to prevent your succulent from rotting.

Care for Adenium Obesum Desert Rose

The key to keeping your desert rose happy is to give it lots of drainage with succulent potting soil.


In general, this potted specimen is a sun lover and blossoms in the prolific outdoors. It requires 70°F to 100° F to grow well, and like most succulents, cannot survive in cold temperatures. If you live somewhere that isn’t arid year-round, always move your desert rose inside when the climate changes.

There is no need to water your desert rose daily as it only needs it when the soil gets dry. That means you need to water the plant every two to three weeks, especially in winters. Moreover, make sure that the temperature where you keep succulents doesn’t drop below 60 degrees. This allows plants to bloom more vibrantly and healthily in springtime.


Adenium obesum plants require lots of nitrogen in their soil, so it’s best to apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer directly to the soil before each blooming period.

Adenium Obesum Desert Rose Succulent

It’s best to apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer directly to the soil before each blooming period.


As mentioned earlier, the vibrant flowers are sun-lover and bloom beautifully in the bright sun. So, if you live in a place that has bright and sunny mornings and afternoons, Adenium Obseum is the perfect plant choice. However, keeping them in the shade can weaken their stems and make them leggy.


Desert rose plants do not need a lot of water to thrive in their growing environment. They will need water more during the summer and spring; and less in the winter, but keep hydrated enough to retain its leaves.


When repotting your desert rose, always do so just before the growing season to ensure it has plenty of time to adjust to its new home. When choosing your pot, make sure that it is at least 10% larger than the previous pot or 10% larger than the size of the plant.


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