Rhaphidophora Hongkongenis Mint Variegated – Rare


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The Rhaphidophora hongkongensis Mint Variegated is a captivating plant known for its striking foliage. Its leaves display a beautiful variegation of mint green and creamy white, adding a touch of elegance to any indoor space. This plant is favored by enthusiasts for its unique appearance and relatively easy care requirements.

Property Description
Product Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis Mint Variegated Plant
Type Indoor Climbing Plant
Species Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis
Common Name Mint Variegated Rhaphidophora
Appearance Heart-shaped leaves with mint green and white variegation
Growth Habit Climbing vine, suitable for use on trellises or support poles
Light Indirect to moderate sunlight
Watering Allow topsoil to dry between waterings
Humidity Benefits from higher humidity levels
Growth Rate Moderate to fast
Toxicity Mildly toxic if ingested
Care Level Moderate
Propagation Can be propagated through stem cuttings or air layering
Use Decorative climber, great for adding vertical greenery


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