Philodendron ‘Florida Bronze’ – Rare Plant

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Philodendron Florida Bronze is a beautiful plant from the Araceae family. It is a hybrid produced from a cross between Philodendron Black Cardinal and Philodendron Florida. The resulting variety is a stunning Florida Bronze with exceptional sword-shaped leaves and crimson-colored petioles. The leaves change their color from brown to grassy green as they mature.

This evergreen plant makes an excellent houseplant. So if you want to grow it in your home, here are its common features and easy guide for you.

Philodendron Florida Bronze Classification

  • Family: Araceae
  • Subfamily: Aroideae
  • Genus: Philodendron


This hybrid was crossbred for the first time in America. Now that it is a popular houseplant, it is found all around the world, mainly in tropical regions.

Philodendron Florida Bronze Appearance


As mentioned earlier, it has tri-colored foliage. The leaves are bronze to orange-colored in their younger days, and they fade to green as they mature. The stems and petioles are red to crimson-colored.


It attains a mature height of 18 to 30 inches.

Philodendron Florida Bronze Care

Philodendron Florida Bronze needs weekly watering to survive. It should be planted in a well-draining, loamy potting mix. The ideal temperature range and humidity for this plant are 15-27°C and 60% respectively. For optimum growth, it should be fertilized three times a year with a balanced houseplant fertilizer.

Quick Guide

Watering Once a week.
Soil type Well-draining, loamy potting soil.
Sunlight Medium to bright, indirect sunlight.
Temperature 15°C to 27°C.
Humidity Above 60%.
Fertilizer Slow-release fertilizer three times a year.
Repotting Every 2-3 years.


Philodendron Florida Bronze is a tropical plant that needs medium watering during its growing season. Medium watering means the plant topsoil must be allowed to dry between waterings. Therefore, you should always check the dryness of the soil before watering your Philo. Water it only when the top 2 inches of its soil is dry.

During spring, you should water it once every week. When the temperature increases in summer, increase the watering frequency to two times every week. Do the opposite in winters; decrease the watering to once every 10 days. Lukewarm distilled water is the secret to a healthy Philodendron plant.

Philodendron Florida Bronze Soil

The ideal soil type for this Florida Bronze hybrid is well-draining, loamy potting soil. Loamy soil is a mixture of silt, sand, and clay. It retains moisture, drains excess of the water, and provides good ventilation. Therefore, it is one of the best potting mixtures to use for this Philodendron.

You can also use 100% sphagnum peat moss to grow this plant. Peat moss is excellent for indoor plants. It is lightweight and also holds nutrients for the plants to absorb. This potting medium also prevents your plant from getting root rot because it does not let the growing medium get soggy.


This lovely Philo prefers medium to bright sunlight to grow properly. However, the sunlight must not be from the direct sun. Indirect sunlight is recommended for this plant. It is because direct sun quickly scorches the beautiful foliage of this plant.

Place this plant near an east or north-facing window with bright, indirect sunlight. You can also grow this plant in an office space because it is tolerant of medium light levels. But do not let the light exposure fall below the medium point. Low light slows down the growth rate of this plant. If the light levels are too low in your home, you must place artificial lights for this plant.


You have to maintain a warm temperature in your room to keep this plant happy and healthy. The optimum temperature range you need to achieve is

15°C to 27°C. However, you should not keep heaters or fans near this plant to decrease or increase your room temperature. Hot or cold winds around the plant lead to the sudden dropping of its leaves. You can maintain this temperature range during extreme summers or winters by placing this plant in a greenhouse.

Philodendron Florida Bronze Humidity

Humidity or moisture in the air helps keep the leaves healthy and fresh-looking. It is why you need to maintain the indoor humidity to the level that your plant likes. In the case of Philodendron Florida Bronze, you should keep the room humidity above 60%.

This humidity level is not so difficult to maintain in tropical regions. But in peak summers or when dry winds blow in cold winters, the humidity decreases significantly. You should mist the plant more often during these days, or you can keep a bowl of water near the plant’s pot to increase the moisture level in the air.


Philodendron Florida Bronze needs to be fertilized three times a year with a slow-release fertilizer. The fertilizer you use should have a balanced NPK value. Moreover, you should be careful with the fertilizer quality because cheap fertilizers quickly form salt on the plant soil and eventually kill the plant.

Before you apply the fertilizer, water the plant thoroughly. Damp soil will prevent the roots from burning due to the chemicals. You should also dilute the fertilizer to half its strength before applying it to the plant. Add the fertilizer 6 inches away from the base of the plant for the best results.


There is no need to prune the plant to groom its appearance. The natural shape of its leaves and foliage is quite impressive; therefore, it should not be altered. But you need to remove the old leaves once in a while.

Whenever you notice some yellow leaves during autumn or winters, take out your pruning shears, clean them, and use them to cut all those yellow leaves. It will encourage new, healthy growth.


When the plant doubles its size, it occupies all the space in its pot with its roots. So then it needs to be moved to a new pot. You have to look for any signs of your plant being root bound so that you can re-pot it at the right time. When the roots start to grow out of the drainage hole, it means your plant needs a new home. You should move it to a 2 inches bigger pot and provide it with fresh potting soil.

How to Propagate Philodendron Florida Bronze

Philodendron Florida Bronze propagation is done through its stem cuttings. The propagation method for this hybrid is the same as its parent plant, Philodendron Black Cardinal. But if you have not propagated any of these Philos before, here is an easy propagation guide for your help.

  • Take a sharp knife or pruning shears and sterilize them using rubbing alcohol.
  • Take a 3-4 inches stem cutting from the healthy plant. This cutting should have at least one leaf and a node on its top and one node at its base.
  • Spray some rooting hormone on the wound of the stem cutting.
  • Place this cutting in water for almost a week. You should change the water daily.
  • This stem cutting will produce new roots in a week or two.
  • Once you notice new roots are 3 cm long, move this stem cutting to a small container. Plant the cutting into potting soil in the container.
  • Use the same potting mix as you use for the mother plant.
  • This stem cutting will form a mature plant in 2-3 months.
  • You can also propagate more than one plant at the same time by taking multiple stem cuttings from the mother plant.

Philodendron Florida Bronze Basic Features

Growth Rate

It is a fast-growing hybrid as compared to other medium-sized Philodendron hybrids. This plant doubles its size in 1-2 years. Moreover, it produces new leaves every month.


This plant is not safe for pets or toddlers because its leaves are poisonous. If ingested in large amounts, the leaves cause GI tract problems and severe irritation in humans and animals. Therefore, you should keep this plant away from the reach of your toddlers and nibbling pets.

Drought Tolerance

It is a drought-resistant plant which means it can tolerate droughts and periods of low water availability.

Philodendron Florida Bronze Maintenance

Florida Bronze Philodendron is loved by all because it is a low-maintenance houseplant. You can grow it in your home without any hassle.


It goes dormant during winters when the temperature drops below 12°C. It also happens due to decreased light intensity. If you do not want your plant to go dormant during winters, you should place it in a warmer room with plenty of light exposure.

Common Problems and Their Solutions

Philodendron Florida Bronze Diseases

Although this hybrid is free of all diseases, it can still get affected by Fire Blight. It is a common Philodendron problem faced by indoor gardeners. Black to brown leaves and stems is a common symptom of this disease. You cannot treat it, but you can prevent it from spreading by cutting all the infected parts. You should always sterilize your pruning shears before using them on your plant so that the plant stays safe from any further infections.


Another problem you may face if you grow Florida Bronze Philodendron indoors is mealybugs. These small pests are sap-sucking critters that weaken and deprive your plant of healthy nutrients. These are often seen on the undersides of the leaves. If you see a white, cotton-like substance on the leaves, it means your plant has been inhabited by mealybugs.

These pests are common when the humidity is high. You can get rid of them by rubbing your plant’s foliage with neem oil or rubbing alcohol.

Philodendron Florida Bronze FAQs

How Is Philodendron Florida Bronze Different From Philodendron Florida Ghost?

Both these plants are different varieties of the Philodendron Florida plant. The first one has bronze to orange-colored young leaves that mature to green color. But the second one has glossy-green leaves with no bronze shade in its young leaves.

How Can I Take Care of My Florida Bronze Philodendron Indoors?

You should keep this plant in a well-lit, warm spot with medium humidity. It needs regular watering indoors, but you have to be careful not to over-water it.

Why Does My Plant Have Brown Leaves?

Brown leaves are a common sign of low humidity. If your plant has brown leaves, you should keep a bowl of water near it to increase the humidity level around it.


If you love growing unique plants, you must keep a Philodendron Florida Bronze plant in your home. It is a tropical evergreen vine with tri-colored foliage. Luckily, it is a low-maintenance, easy-to-care indoor plant. So you can grow it even as a beginner. But if you need any help, you already have our easy care guide.


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