Lemon vine variegated | Pereskia aculeata cv. ‘Godseffiana’ variegated

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It is beautiful ornamental flowering vine with opposite leaves divided into two ovates leaflets. It produces numerous woody vines from the root that grow only 2-3 m tall and form a shrub-like appearance with bright green leaves up to 15 cm long. Blooming twice a year, flowers are funnel shaped , start off purple with white throat. Lemon vine will grow in virtually any kind of soil in full sun to half shade conditions. It grow on well-drained soils with moderate watering. Watering should be regular & thorough. During the hot dry season , it can take twice a day watering.

Watering : Daily Watering Required.

Sunlight : Keep in Bright Direct Sunlight.
Fertilization : Monthly Fertilization with any Organic/Chemical NPK fertilizers.


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