Epipremnum Aureum ‘Global Green’ Pothos – Rare

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Epipremnum are easy to care for and one of the best plants for cleaning air in the home!

The Epipremnum genus is in the Araceae family and originally endemic to Polynesia, however Epipremnum can now be found growing in the tropical rainforests of many countries.

Their vines can reach up to 20 metres in length and their aerial roots allow them to  climb up the trunks of trees. Epipremnum are favoured by houseplant lovers for their fast growing abilities and easy-care nature. They can be left to trail or trained up a coir pole.


Prefers indirect bright light but can tolerate a shadier spot in your home where it will grow more slowly. Too much direct sunlight can result in scorched leaves.


Water thoroughly, then allow the top two inches of compost to dry before rewatering. Over-watering will cause root rot. If in a shady area, water less and ensure the plant doesn’t get cold.


Feed every second time you water through spring and summer with a quality liquid plant food. There is no need to feed this plant in winter.


This plant enjoys humidity. Place in a bathroom and/or mist every so often with water. Remove dust from the leaves with a damp cloth to improve photosynthesis.


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