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Alocasia Amazonica care:-

How to water a Alocasia Amazonica?

In nature, the parents of Alocasia Amazonica grow near sources of water and organic matter, making their roots always wet. For this reason, when having alocasias as houseplants we must water them often to keep their substrate moist at all times.

Alocasias need to be watered frequently. You should water your alocasia every time the upper part of the soil is dry. I recommend you have a well-draining soil combined with organic matter to keep the humidity but not the water, or otherwise, the plant will die because its roots will run out of oxygen or its roots will rot.

Water your Alocasia Amazonica less frequently during winter because the soil takes longer to dry.

What’s the ideal humidity for a Alocasia Amazonica?

Alocasia Amazonica needs moderate to high humidity levels are required, ideally greater than 50% humidity. If the humidity is below those levels, its leave will start to turn yellow and will die.

How to fertilize a Alocasia Amazonica?

Fertilize your Alocasia Amazonica every 2-4 weeks during the growing season with a balanced, water soluble fertilizer.

Dilute to half strength, particularly in spring and autumn. There is no need to fertilize during the winter. Flush the potting mix every 2-3 months.


Alocasia Amazonica care tips

The best place for your Alocasia Amazonica is a bright bathroom.

Avoid placing your alocasia plant near heating or cooling vents.

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