Adiantum Hispidulum – Rosy Maidenhair Fern


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Adianthum Hispidulum

Adiantum Hispidulum is known to grow on rocky hillsides, shaded cliffs and slopes in parts of North America. They do well in areas of high humidity across stony outcrops, ideally areas with sandstone and limestone concentrations. When growing these Ferns at home, it is best to give them a lot of humidity by misting them often through the day. Expert growers are also known to locate these plants in their bathrooms specially in areas with good light. These Ferns need very little care and can be grown by beginners as well as by collectors.

Adopting and caring for Adiantum Hispidulum

Adopting: Adding a lush, well-grown Adiantum Hispidulum Fern to a plant collection is a feeling only a plant parent can understand. At eplants, we bring you display-ready plants with high-quality growth, compact shape and well-formed leaves.

Locating: Direct sun or overly bright light can bleach or burn the leaves of a Fern. So any area that offers filtered light is best for these plants. They do extremely well when themed with granite or brick facades in areas with indirect light. Since these plants need regular watering and misting, it’s worth checking on the plants for signs of rot when they are located in areas with extremely low light.

Potting: Ferns need rich, well-drained soil that has been fortified with organic material. So it is ideal to mix good quantities of compost into the potting mix. A blend of coco-peat, compost, and river sand in a 30:50:20 ratio should help your Fern to do well.

Watering: Ferns demand regular watering and misting, but they can’t stand waterlogged conditions.

Fertilising: If you have a good potting mixture and your plants are looking bushy and healthy, you can skip the fertilising entirely. However, if you are keen to feed them use an organic liquid fertiliser. If you are using a chemical mix, dilute it to the prescribed strength and fertilise them once a month. Ensure that the chemicals don’t come in contact with the leaves.

An Adiantum Hispidulum Fern is a unique tropical specimen that, with its lacy, frilly leaves, brings uniqueness to just about any setting. Ensure that you protect it from direct sunlight, and provide the right kind of humidity. Once established, here is a plant that can give you years and years of trouble-free growth putting on leaf after lacy new leaf.

Did you know

Ferns are, in general, simply a collection of leaves.



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