Yellow Chinese Hat Plant, Cup and Saucer Plant, Parasol Flower

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This rare yellow flowered form of Chinese Hat produces yellow tubular blooms that emerge from the Chinese hat-like yellow calyxes are produced from late summer to autumn along the arching stems of this unusual shrub. An excellent late summer and fall flowering shrub-like to die-back perennial for a sunny location. Easy and begins flowering just in time for the Hummingbird migration southward. Provide a deep winter mulch in the northern portions of its range.The Chinese Hat also makes a beautiful small espalier.

The Chinese Hats are naturally winter deciduous even if kept in a warm greenhouse. They simply drop their leaves due to the day length shortening, once the days begin to get longer they will move back into growth if air and soil temperatures begin to warm. They can be cut back fairly hard just before or as they move back into growth to create a fuller bushier plant. This is a good time to think about fertilizing them as well. Plants that are grown as die-back perennials, in other words they freeze back to near ground level like in our zone 8B garden, can be cut back to near ground level at the end of winter or in early spring.

USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 8B,9,10,11

Outdoor Light: Full sun, Mostly sunny, Part sun

Indoor Light: Direct sunlight

pH Range: Acidic, Mildly Acidic, Neutral, Mildly Alkaline

Soil & Moisture: Average moist, moderately well-drained, fertile soils.

Flowering Period: Flowers spring, summer, fall, and into winter under tropical conditions.

Fertilizing: Fertilize anytime they are in active growth, spring-summer is typical.

Pruning: Prune in late winter or early spring, periodic pinching will help to promote bushiness.

When to Plant: Plant out spring-midsummer, after the danger of freeze or frost.

Salt Tolerance: Slight

Native To / Origin: Himalayas


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