Vermicompost (Dry) Enriched 100% Organic (Fertilizer)

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What is Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is a type of Organic Fertilizer. It is derived by composting organic waste by using various species of earthworms. It is a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and most importantly worm castings. This process of producing Vermicompost is called Vermicomposting.

  • Vermicompost improves the recycling of soil.
  • Vermicompost enriches the soil with microbes.
  • In rural areas, the production of vermicompost can provide livelihood support to the unemployed.
  • Vermicompost helps in improving soil texture, aeration and increases water retention capacity.
  • Vermicompost acts as a soil conditioner and improves the biological, physical and chemical properties of the soil.

Applications of Vermicompost

Vermicomposting is environmentally friendly and is widely used in agriculture. These organic wastes contain organic carbon and plant nutrients in appreciable amounts.

  1. Vermicomposting can also be used as a technique for domestic wastewater management.
  2. Vermicompost can be used in organic farming and small scale sustainable farming.
  3. Vermicompost has several excellent properties and has many advantages when applied to the soil.
  4. Vermicompost is an excellent nutrient-rich organic fertiliser, which helps plants to grow well and give better yields.
  5. Adding vermicompost, which is rich in organic compounds, to the soil, plays a fundamental role in improving productivity.
  6. Vermicompost can also be used as a growth regulator as it contains all essential plant nutrients in appropriate proportions. Thus, it is complete and balanced plant food.
  7. Vermicompost is high in proteins and other essential nutrients. Therefore, it is also used as an alternative in aquaculture feed.
  8. Regular use of vermicompost extract promotes plant growth, keeps plants healthier and fights plant diseases.

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