Twister Dragon Tree | Dracaena fragrans – Rare

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Few house plants are as easy to grow and welcome in the home as the attractive Dracaena plant. Its dramatic form makes a striking floor plant. Twister is well worth getting to know. Although tropical by nature, it adapts beautifully to average home conditions. In fact, it does so well on its own, you don’t need to fuss over it at all. Young plants are a tuft of upright twisted leaves. As the plant grows, it forms a cane-like stem with a cluster of leaves at its top. Its dark-green leaves are naturally shiny. Prune it back if it grows too tall. If you want, you can propagate the stem cuttings for more plants. Prefers bright, indirect light and keep evenly moist, not wet or dry. Pruning tip: Prune in spring or early summer to control its growth. You can cut off the cane at any height. It will sprout a new cluster of leaves from where it was cut. Repot in spring only when the roots have filled the pot. Young plants may need repotted every 2-3 years. Use a pot with a drainage hole to prevent overwatering.

  • Easy to grow house plant
  • Will grow in low light in the home
  • Water when on the dry side
  • Immediate shipping
  • Proper Name: Dracaena fragrans ‘Twister’


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