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Tree Fern, Silver Lady Fern – Plant


Selling size:well rooted plant in jiffy bag mentioned in last picture

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The Silver Lady Fern is an extremely attractive rosette fern with a neat but lush look that immediately conjures up images of rainforests and waterfalls. Also known as the Tree Fern, this is a great indoor plant with a neat, symmetrical rosette of fronds which are shiny green and slightly drooping.


Bright but indirect sunlight. Direct harsh rays should be avoided as they can dry up the soil. Filtering sunlight through curtains work well. You can rotate the plant, once in a while, to encourage even growth.


Every alternate day. Soil should be moist at all times but not soggy/over watered.

The leaf turning yellow is a sign of low humidity. To boost humidity, you can either spray/mist or group it with other houseplants as they add moisture to the air as they breathe.


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