Syngonium Green Splash | Green Freckles | Grey Ghost – Rare

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Size: Single bushy plant | Pot Included

The Syngonium Green Splash / Grey Ghost is a unique and visually stunning addition to any plant collection. Its leaves feature a light green to grey-ish color with light pink veins and dark green splashes, creating a truly remarkable appearance. As a bonus, caring for this Syngonium variety is relatively easy, and it is known to grow quickly. Any plant enthusiast will want to have this Syngonium in their indoor jungle.

How to care for your Syngonium Green Splash / Grey Ghost?


The Syngonium species thrive in a bright but indirect sunlight. It will tolerate darker spots but growth may fall behind and leaves tend to grow back smaller. It can also cause the beautiful foliage to fade. A bit of sunlight is therefore much appreciated!


In most climates the Syngognium Green Splash is fine with a splash of water once a week. It is recommended to keep to soil slightly damp in between waterings.


The Syngonium species like an airy soil mix which is well draining. If you want to mix your own try to use some perlite, pine bark and coco coir to keep the mixture light and airy. Of course you can also go for the easy way and get your hands on one of our pre-mixed aroid soil mixtures, perfect for any Syngonium and many other aroids.


Like most aroids the Syngonium likes a humid environment. The humidity should be at least 50%. For the Syngonium Green Splash we advise a humidity of around 60% – 80% for the plant to thrive.


Fertilizing your plans can give them an extra boots to grow. Adding some fertilizer with the water is recommended in the growing season, between mid-March and mid-October (depending on you local climate). Always check the instructions on the bottle before using as all fertilizers may be used differently.


The best time to repot is during the beginning of the growing season. Check if your plant is root bound in its nursery pot. Then it’s time to move it to a bigger size pot of around 2 cm extra. Generally repotting your Syngonium Green Splash every year should be sufficient.


The Syngonium is toxic for humans and animals when ingested.


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