Syngonium “Batik”

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Syngonium Batik is a wonderful cultivar with intricate white veining against a lush green leaf. The veining is reminiscent of ‘Batik’, the traditional wax resistant cloth dye technique used in Indonesia, which is where it gets its name from.

This fast-growing aroid has everything you can ask for in a plant: It is not only stunningly beautiful, but very easygoing and suitable for almost every spot in your home!
Syngonium leaves undergo a transformation as they mature: Arrow-shaped when young, the leaves will become lobed and eventually split into three parts on an adult specimen. To achieve such leaves, this plant will need a pole to vine up and grow its aerial roots into.
Syngonium are climbing epiphytic or hemiepiphytic herbaceous ever-greens native to humid forest floors of Central and South America.


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