Stictocardia beraviensis – Stunning Hawaiian Sunset vine


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Latin name: Stictocardia beraviensis, Ipomoea beraviensis
Family: Convolvulaceae
Common names: Hawaiian Bell, Hawaiian Sunset Vine, Braveheart Vine
Origin: Tropical Africa, widely cultivated in Pacific

Every one who saw Hawaiian sunsets will recognize the dramatic view in colors of this blossom. This flower has splendid rich tones that are a marvel to see!
It’s hard to find another tropical vine that will have so many great features at once. Stictocardia beraviensis, or Hawaiian Sunset Vine, can satisfy so many gardening needs that it is definitely a must in any tropical collection. These features are:

  • super-fast growing, can cover a fense, trellis, arbor or any unwanted views within a few weeks to a couple months
  • takes both fun sun and shade, even deep shade
  • beautiful, tri-color, sunset-bright scented flowers, 2-3″ wide, will bloom in shade as well
  • large tropical-looking velvet leaves, so pleasant to touch, heart-shaped, that can grow as wide as 1 ft in diameter in filtered light and 5-6″ in diameter if planted in full sun
  • blooms sporadically year round, with profuse splashes around March, June, September, and (most important!) December-January
  • Relatively cold hardy, will take a few hours of light frost, and will come back from roots if killed with longer periods of cold
  • can be grown in container and easily controlled

This evergreen climber with absolutely gorgeous blooms and lush big leaves is grown all over the Tropics and some subtropical areas. It is related to the Morning Glory with fast growing thick stems and fleshy heart shaped leaves. Cup shaped flowers emerge at the leaf axils in clusters and are 2-3″across, bright crimson with yellow and orange streaking. They are scented and seem to last a day or two. Leaves are large, growing in shade up to 10-12″ wide, dark green and velvet, very ornamental even when not in bloom.

The plant likes lots of water, especially if grown in full sun. As with any blooming plants, the rule is – the more sun, the more flowers. However, this plant can be planted in shade probably with advantage: it will still continmue blooming profusely, but the leaves will grow much larger, that will create a gorgeous tropical look.

If planted in ground, this plant requires sugnificant space due to its fast growing habit. However, it can be easily grown in container as well. The final container size should be around 7-10 gal; provide a strong wooden trellis, make sure to train the fast growing branches around the trellis, and keep the soil moist. You may trim any unwanted twigs which won’t hurt the plant appearance – on the contrary, it will encourage new blooms in leaf axils. You can have an outstanding specimen even if you have a limited space!


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