Split-Leaf Cyclanthus/ Cyclanthus Bipartitus – Rare

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Plant size: Single plant (5-7 leaves) | Pot Included | Free Shipping

Cyclanthus Bipartitus originates from the forests of Central and South America. The best-known feature of this plant is its unusual leaves.

Care & tips Cyclanthus Bipartitus

The Cyclanthus is not difficult to look after. Just make sure you know the right tips and tricks to keep this plant happy for as long as possible.

Water requirements Cyclanthus Bipartitus

The Cyclanthus Bipartitus loves to have slightly moist soil. It is therefore a good idea to check whether this green houseplant needs water by poking your finger into the soil. If the soil is dry at the roots, it is time to water the plant. When the plant is repotted, measure the water level with a moisture meter.

Light requirement Cyclanthus Bipartitus

The Cyclanthus Bipartitus prefers normal daylight.

Is the Cyclanthus Bipartitus  poisonous?

The Cyclanthus Bipartitus is unfortunately a slightly toxic houseplant.

How will my Cyclanthus Bipartitus be sent?

This air-purifying houseplant is delivered in a nursery pot. All our houseplants come directly from the grower and are shipped in a special way. We do this with an external courier who knows how to handle the plants so that your plants are delivered to your home tip-top.


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