Soursop Tree

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Soursop Tree Care

Soursop tree care involves copious mulching, which benefits the shallow root system. Overly high temps from 80-90 F. (27-32 C.) and low relative humidity cause pollination issues while slightly lower temps and 80 percent relative humidity improve pollination.Soursop trees should be irrigated regularly to prevent stress, which will cause leaf drop. Fertilize every quarter of the year with a 10-10-10 NPK at ½ pound (0.22 kg.) per year for the first year, 1 pound (.45 kg.) the second, and 3 pounds (1.4 kg.) for every year thereafter. Very little pruning is required once the initial shaping is attained. You should only need to prune out dead or diseased limbs, which should be done once harvest is over. Topping the trees at 6 feet (2 m.) will facilitate harvesting.

Harvesting Soursop Fruit

When harvesting soursop, the fruit will change from dark green to a lighter yellowish green tone. The spines of the fruit will soften and the fruit will swell. Soursop fruit will take between four to five days to ripen once picked. Trees will produce at least two dozen fruit per year.

Soursop Fruit Benefits

Besides its pleasant flavor, soursop fruit benefits include 71 kcal of energy, 247 grams of protein, and calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus — not to mention it’s a source of vitamins C and A.
Soursop can be eaten fresh or used in ice cream, mousse, jellies, soufflés, sorbet, cakes and candy. Filipinos use the young fruit as a vegetable while in the Caribbean, the pulp is strained and the milk mixed with sugar to drink or mix with wine or brandy.


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