Purple Passion – Gynura Aurantiaca


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Size: Single plant mentioned in the last picture | Pot Included

Gynura purple passion vine or velvet plant is chiefly prized for its soft hairy velvety purple leaves which  is usually grown as a houseplant having purple hair on the both upper and lower surfaces of the leaves stems and flower heads younger leaves are a deeper purple than the mature leaves the leaves are 34 long with coarse toothed edges.  The plant twines or trails,  this plant is especially effective when kept in hanging baskets or is otherwise permitted to trail so as to exhibit to the fullest extent. The colour and beauty of its foliage is very bright.  Indirect light and even some sun everyday is necessary for growth and vividly coloured foliage. Water moderately just enough to keep the soil from drying up. Apply liquid soluble fertilizer high in nitrogen to promote lush leaves.  It grows easily from cuttings and should be pinched back regularly to encourage dense bushy growth. Propagation is through tip cuttings insert four to five tip cuttings.


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