Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes Ventrata) – Rare Plant



Selling size: Bushy Plant| Pot Included | Free Shipping

Nepenthes Ventrata is one interesting plant that attracts humans and insects alike. A truly unique and variable plant, it is perhaps not the best option for a novice grower – although it is said to be one of the easiest pitcher plants to grow. Therefore it will make a great choice for the enthusiast. The plant comes in a hanging plastic pot and is ready to start catching those flies!

Watering Keep the soil moist at all times, making sure that the excess water drains away freely and the plant is not left sitting in water for any length of time. Keep misting the plant occasionally, they love high humidity.
Potting Mix A soil mix of peat, sand, perlite, orchid bark and chopped Sphagnum works well. Pure live sphagnum moss or “orchid mix” is a good soil alternative.
Light Nepenthes generally like bright light without much direct sun. About 50% sun or dappled shade is good. Thin, spindly plants or poor coloration are a sign of too weak a light.



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