Pink Quill Wallisia Cyanea- Airplant



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This cute little member of the Bromeliad family is an easy care indoor plant and a must-have for a tropical garden. A beautiful pink spike appears at flowering time, where small violet coloured flowers appear which often have a subtle ‘clove/spice’ fragrance.

Grows well in a hanging pot or in a shady spot in a tropical garden or patio.

You are buying a similar plant, pictured is an example.

All plants are at pupping stage and will have pups on the way. See pics. Spent Flower spikes may be removed for shipping.


The plant pictured represents the minimum quality and size of the plant you are buying. It is not the actual plant you will receive. 30cm wooden ruler in pic for example scale.

Listing is for the plant only, decorative pot is not included.

Shade lover.

Prefers bright indirect light. Morning sun before 9am. Strong direct sunlight may cause sunburnt leaves.

Check water.

This plant requires regular watering but it’s best to allow mix to dry out before rewatering. Overwatering can cause the plant to rot slowly from the inside out, once you notice, it will be too late. A free draining mix is essential.

Soil Mix.

This plant prefers a free-draining chunky mix. Scoria rock, coconut chunks and orchid bark will help hold the plant in place.


In the garden they like regular organic chicken pellet fertiliser Spring and Summer.

Indoors, regular foliar feeding with half strength seaweed solution is beneficial. Slow-release fertiliser and chicken pellet fertiliser in the potting mix will also help your plant to grow well indoors.

Always follow the directions on your chosen fertiliser pack.

Pot preference.

Pot this plant into a small pot that fits its root ball size. They are quite happy to be a bit root bound. They grow well in a hanging pot or in a tree in a tropical garden.


Bromeliads will only flower once in their life cycle. Once flowering is complete, the mother plant starts to die slowly over time, whilst producing ‘pups’ to replace itself, beginning the whole cycle again and giving you opportunities for more plants. The flower spike can be removed once spent and declining. The old ‘mother’ will turn brown and the ‘pups’ can be divided and potted once they are about a third of the size of the adult plant.


Wallisia cyanea are native to tropical forests of Ecuador.

Common name – ‘Pink Quill’   Tillandsia cyanea (Synonym)


Wallisia cyanea can be propagated from pups, so there are opportunities for new plants. The plants in this listing are all at pupping stage.

Old leaves can be trimmed, unless you are a Bromeliad ‘purist’ where the ‘skirt’ of old leaves is always left in place to decay naturally.

Our plants are all stock from the collection at the Whyanbeel Arboretum.





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