Philodendron ‘Splendid’ (melanochrysum x verrucosum)- Rare



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Philodendron Splendid is an Aroid that features big and velvety, heart-shaped leaves with beautifully prominent veins. This hybrid is a cross between Philodendron Melanochrysum and Philodendron Verrucosum that has the best traits from both parents. This incredibly beautiful and desirable houseplant is a must-have for every collector!

Philodendron Splendid is a very easy-going and very good choice for a first rare houseplant! It is very adaptive to different conditions, so it makes for the perfect choice for a corner with low light. This plant will also forgive you if you forget to water it sometimes.

Philodendron Splendid is a climber and its leaves will reach an impressive size if you give it a support pole to climb on. Being a tropical houseplant, it will appreciate high humidity. However, it makes for a wonderful tropical houseplant because it doesn’t require these conditions to thrive. While growth will likely be quicker and larger in higher humidity, this beautiful Aroid also grows well in moderate humidity.

Make sure you plant your Philodendron Splendid in an airy potting mix, like our very own Aroid Potting Mix, or make a similar one yourself. It should consist of bark, perlite, and peat moss.

Fun fact: In the Greek language ‘Philo’ means ‘love’ and ‘Dendron’ means ‘tree hugger’, describing the natural disposition of almost all Philodendrons to climb up trees.


Philodendron Care Tips


Philodendrons thrive in medium to bright indirect light, but will tolerate darker spots as well.


Use a well-draining potting mix, such as our Aroid Potting Mix, ideally containing some coco coir, bark and perlite. You can also grow Philodendrons in soil-less mixes like sphagnum moss and perlite or hydroponics.


Philodendrons like their soil to dry between waterings. Water when the top 3cm of soil are totally dry to the touch.


Most Philodendron, especially the Erubesecens varieties, will thrive in average humidity. However, some of the more tropical and velvety species will require higher humidity to survive.


All Philodendron are toxic to humans and animals if ingested.




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