Philodendron Sodiroi – Rare

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The Philodendron Sodiroi is a special houseplant. This plant is known for its beautiful heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are green with silver spots. The stems have bright green ridges, which makes this plant even more beautiful. You often come across different varieties of this plant (such as the Sodirini or Sodiroi Aff), but this is the pure version of the Sodiroi. The Sodiroi is not that demanding in the care and its leaves can grow very large.

This Philodendron is originally from Ecuador and Peru, but has since spread all over Central and South America. In its natural environment, this plant grows under the foliage of larger plants and crawls over the ground of the tropical rainforest. The Philodendron Sodiroi is very similar to the Philodendron Mamei and Philodendron Plowmanii, but is mainly distinguished by the silver variegation (color difference) on the leaf.

The Philodendron Sodiroi is a climber by nature and therefore needs a moss pole. This plant should be a little tighter in its pot. This houseplant needs a lot of indirect light. With enough light, the leaves will get bigger and bigger! Make sure the soil remains slightly moist. In winter, the soil is allowed to dry out slightly between waterings. Furthermore, this plant likes a higher humidity. You can create this by placing a dish with hydro granules and water under the decorative pot.



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