Philodendron SnowDrift

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Philodendron Snowdrift is a breathtaking plant that, as far as we know, is a variegated version of Philodendron ‘Jungle Fever’. We already knew that Philodendron ‘Jungle Fever’ is a hybrid of Philodendron Pinnatifidum and Philodendron Gigantum. All of this ensures that the Philodendron Snowdrift is an easy plant that really has beautiful leaves. Snowdrift leaves are cream-coloured, with green spots and red petioles. It is not a very fast grower and each new leaf is unique, which makes it a lot more fun to wait for new growth.

Philodendron Snowdrift tolerates the temperatures in our climate well, as long as the temperatures do not fluctuate too much and are somewhere between 15°C and 35°C. When the humidity drops in winter, a humidifier may be needed. The air humidity should be between 60% and 80%.

Look for a spot with a lot of indirect light or filtered light. The leaves do not tolerate direct light and will scorch if the plant is placed in direct sunlight anyway. Philodendrons also like a well-drained soil that allows as much air and water to pass through as possible. You can mix a good soil mixture for this yourself, by mixing perlite or bark through the potting soil. A good soil mixture considerably reduces the chance of root rot.

Most Philodendrons also like a slightly moist soil, to be able to produce as much energy as possible during the growing season. Additional liquid fertiliser may also be given in spring and summer to support growth. In winter, these plants go into ‘rest’ and use much less energy. No extra feeding is needed and watering may also be reduced.


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